The right roller bearing solution for your application. Optimised for your precise purpose.

We supply roller bearings in a wide variety of designs and executions with a bore diameter of up to 1800 mm. From our standard range of bearings or customized to your specification.

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Regal Power Transmission Solutions

is a family of well-known product brands that offer a large number of drive technology solutions for a very wide range of industries and requirements. The group's roller bearing division includes the ROLLWAY, McGill and Sealmaster product brands. Behind each of the Regal corporate brands are decades of experience in your segment, proven reliability and innovative solutions.


has been a pioneer in the roller bearings industry since 1908. In addition to general mechanical engineering applications, throughout its history the company has focused intensively on uses and applications in the construction of special and heavy machinery and in plant engineering.

The company was acquired by Power Transmission Solutions in 1996 and has been a key part of Regal Power Transmission Solutions alongside other strong brands since 2015. ROLLWAY brand products, originally produced only in Syracuse, New York, are now manufactured at production facilities around the world.

The technical capabilities and resources of Regal Power Transmission Solutions enable the company to offer its customers competitive and tailored solutions, which is why the current ROLLWAY product portfolio includes a wide and varied roller bearing range featuring more than 7,000 different roller and ball bearings.           

Founded in 1905,

McGill developed and patented the CAMROL® cam follower bearings, which are now manufactured in more than 1,400 different combinations and configurations.

The high-grade McGill product spectrum also includes special aviation and aerospace bearings, CAGEROL® and GUIDEROL® needle bearings and SPHERE-ROL® spherical roller bearings.

Founded in 1935,

Sealmaster® is now an industry leader known for its high-end roller bearing solutions. Its core expertise lies in the development and manufacture of innovative ball and roller bearing units such as the Sealmaster® Gold Line.

In addition to a large number of ready-to-install application-driven bearing units with a variety of locking mechanisms, mounting types and housing materials, Sealmaster also offers customised designs. The Sealmaster product spectrum additionally includes a large selection of spherical and radial spherical plain bearings in a number of versions and material combinations.


Kugel- und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH arose from the ball bearing factory "Deutsche Kugellagerfabrik GmbH" (DKF), which was established in 1904. Today KRW Leipzig GmbH is still developing and producing roller bearings with the "Made in Germany" seal of quality and distributing them all over the world.

With over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of roller bearings, a highly skilled workforce, an innovative research and development department and modern production techniques, KRW produces precision roller bearings of exceedingly high quality. KRW is consistent in its operation of a strict quality management system which enables the company to meet the criteria for DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification awarded by the German inspection agency TÜV.

The product range contains standard products which are engineered to advanced specifications and many innovations in the various types of bearings. In addition to the production of standard bearings, KRW specialises in custom bearings developed for specific applications. Over 20 per cent of the bearings currently produced are designed to specification.

KRW product range:

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Axial deep groove ball bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings, single-row and double-row
  • Four-point contact bearings
  • Axial angular contact ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings, single-row and double-row
  • Cylindrical roller bearings (full roller), single-row and double-row
  • Axial cylindrical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings, steel pin cages
  • Barrel roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Axial spherical roller bearings
  • Special bearings and drawing bearings
  • Bearing components (e.g. rolling elements) and accessories

Outer diameter range: D = 125 mm to 1300 mm, in conformity with the relevant DIN and DIN ISO standards

For more than 60 years

Roller bearings and spindles for machine tools have been manufactured at the Fraureuth site for more than 60 years. After an eventful history, Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH was established as a result of German reunification in 1993.