Adapter Sleeves

Adapter sleeves are fixing elements for roller bearings.

Roller bearings with a tapered bore, such as spherical roller bearings, can be fastened to cylindrical shafts by means of adapter sleeves. They are very easy to assembly and there is no need for additional locking on the shaft.

The use of adapter sleeves allows bearings to be positioned at any point on a smooth shaft. In the case of stepped shafts, a support ring is additionally required for the precise axial positioning of the bearing.

The adapter sleeves are slotted and stretch between the tapered inner ring of the bearing and the cylindrical seat of the shaft as the shaft nut is tightened. The tab washer serves to prevent the shaft nut from working loose.

Adapter sleeves with larger diameters have a hydraulic connector for easier assembly.

Adapter sleeves are supplied complete with shaft nut and tab washer.


Adapter sleeves up to bore Ø 750 mm.


  • H 2xx
  • H 3xx
  • H 23xx
  • H 30xx
  • H 31xx
  • H 32xx
  • H 39xx


OH      Adapter sleeve with hydraulic connector

HE       Adapter sleeve in imperial dimensions