Axial Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Axial cylindrical roller bearings are multi-part separable bearings designed particularly for high axial loads at low to moderate speeds. As normally unidirectional axial bearings, they absorb axial forces in one direction and are relatively insensitive to impacts.

Axial cylindrical roller bearings have the advantage that they take up little axial installation space, while their design gives them high rigidity. They are relatively insensitive to impacts and are configured for low to moderate speeds.


Axial cylindrical roller bearings up to bore Ø 1000 mm.

Versions with brass cages.

In the standard version (S0) axial cylindrical roller bearings are heat treated so that they are generally dimensionally stable up to max + 150 °C. Special heat treatments are required for higher operating temperature requirements.

  • S1       Operating temperature max. + 200 °C *
  • S2       Operating temperature max. + 250 °C *
  • S3       Operating temperature max. + 300 °C *
  • S4       Operating temperature max. + 350 °C *

* These temperature classes are added as suffixes to the bearing designation.


M         Solid brass cage (rolling element riding).

MPB   Solid window-type cage (cage supported on a washer).