Housing Bearings

Housing bearings are preassembled bearing units and offer a simple and economical solution for the bearing of shafts.

Their design:

  • Bearing insert with crowned (spherical) outer ring and a bearing housing

makes them outstandingly suitable for compensating for misalignments. Their compact design also makes them a low-cost, easy-to-assemble bearing solution for many applications in difficult and harsh ambient conditions, as they can be mounted directly on the machine base and do not require the connecting structure to be particularly precise.

That is why housing bearings are often found in conveying and transport technology, agricultural machinery construction, wood processing equipment and plant and machinery for the food industry. 

The user has access to a broad spectrum of one and two-part housing bearings.

The bearing housing of one-part housing bearings are made from a wide range of materials to suit the particular application, such as cast iron, cast light alloys, plastic, sheet steel or stainless steel.

Forms of one-part housing bearings include:

  • Plummer blocks
  • Flanged bearings with 4 fixing holes (square form)
  • Flanged bearings with 2 fixing holes (oval form)
  • Radial insert ball bearings

Two-part bearing housings are predominantly made of cast iron and designed for heavy-duty applications.

The modular combination system of the various bearing inserts, sealing and fixing systems also opens up an enormous choice of options.

The designations used for housing bearings differ from one manufacturer to another, as there are no uniform prefixes such as those for ball or roller bearings.