Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are roller bearings with cylindrical rollers (needles) that are very wide compared with their diameter, giving them excellent load capacities. They need relatively little installation space and are outstandingly suitable for applications in extremely confined radial spaces.

For this reason they are commonly used in automotive technology and gearbox construction.

The axial versions have particularly high load capacities with a low axial overall space. Their design and the relatively high number of rollers make them very rigid and insensitive to impact loads.


Needle roller bearings are available in a very wide range of radial and axial forms:

  • Needle roller and cage assemblies
  • Needle roller bearings with inner ring
  • Needle roller bearings without inner ring
  • Needle inner rings
  • Aligning needle roller bearings
  • Drawn cup needle roller bearings with closed and open end
  • Axial needle roller bearings
  • Axial needle roller and cage assemblies

The user has a broad spectrum of standardised dimensions to choose from.