Multi-Stage Axial Bearings (Tandem Bearings)

Multi-stage Rollway axial bearings in a tandem arrangement were developed and patented as far back as (Rollway Bearing Corp., patent #2374820) in order to achieve the greatest possible load capacity with a small unit volume and a long service life. The use of a multi-stage axial bearing in a tandem arrangement allows the development of a gearbox with a high axial load capacity that takes up little space.

Multi-stage Rollway axial bearings are available in 2 to 8 stages to meet the respective design requirements. As a useful and reliable machine element, they are used in extruder gearboxes (single and double-shaft extruders) for the rubber and plastics industry.


Multi-stage Rollway axial bearings consist of multiple stages, with the load being distributed evenly across all stages of the bearing. Each bearing stage comprises specially coordinated axial washers (shaft and housing washers), a roller and cage assembly and spacer rings on the shaft or in the housing with which the bearing washers are kept to distance.

The standard bandwidth of multi-stage Rollway axial bearings in a tandem arrangement consists of a variety of designs and outer dimensions from Ø 3.54" to Ø 42" (Ø 85.001 mm to Ø 1066.800 mm). Detailed drawings are available, and metric dimensions can also be manufactured to the customer's requirements. New designs, such as for applications with combined radial and axial loads, concave and convex versions, axial bearings for approach systems etc., can be developed to meet the requirements of the particular application and manufactured in small unit volumes. Why not take advantage of the many years of experience of the Rollway specialists in tandem bearings?

Brass roller and cage assembly with coordinated rollers

The roller and cage assemblies are made of brass and the precision-made roller pockets enable the roller unit to run smoothly. The rollers are fixed in position by means of a steel strip positioned above the outer diameter of the roller and cage assembly.

Made of carburized bearing steel, the ground rollers have a suitably large radius at their ends that helps to reduce the friction between the rolling element and the roller and cage assembly.

Precision-ground shaft and housing seals

The precision-ground axial washers are made from hardened (carburized) bearing steel.

Precision-ground spacer rings

The ground spacer rings (shaft and housing rings) allow controlled deflection, while their geometry enables them to contribute significantly to the optimum flux of force.


Only oil lubrication (circulating oil lubrication) is envisaged for multi-stage Rollway axial bearings. Grease lubrication is not recommended for multi-stage axial bearings.

Overview of Rollway axial bearings in a tandem arrangement:

  • TAB-xxxx                  2-stage axial bearing in tandem arrangement
  • TAC-xxxx                  3-stage axial bearing in tandem arrangement
  • TAD/TMD-xxxx         4-stage axial bearing in tandem arrangement
  • TAF/TMF-xxxx          6-stage axial bearing in tandem arrangement
  • TMH-xxxx                  8-stage axial bearing in tandem arrangement