Our long experience and the know-how of the manufacturers we represent qualify us to handle your technical requirements and solve your problems:

  • Bearing designs
  • Lifetime calculations
  • Creation of technical documentation
  • Assembly recommendations and optimisation
  • Lubricant designs and recommendations
  • Technical lubricant seminars for designers and users

Should you be unable to find the right bearing or bearing accessory for your application in our extensive product range, we can check the availability of the item you want through our international network.

Our logistics partners and providers make sure that your deliveries are made reliably on our behalf.

If series or spare parts supplies are required urgently, we use all the logistics methods available to deliver to you by the quickest route.

By airfreight, taxi or motor cycle! 

“Minor fault, major effect”

Roller bearing damage is not only annoying, it is generally costly too and in many cases could be largely prevented.

The cause of more than 70% of all damage and breakdowns is the use of unsuitable or inferior lubricants. Excessive operating stress, worn parts (seals etc.) and incorrect installation are also among the classic causes.

As a rule, bearing damage does not occur suddenly but shows signs first. The most obvious indicators of incipient damage are:

  • Increasing noise and temperatures
  • Increased escape of grease
  • Uneven running and increased vibration
  • Reduced working accuracy
  • Bearing stiffness
  • Deformation on shafts and/or housings

If damage occurs, we can arrange roller bearing damage investigations and reports for you, in collaboration with our partners (independent of the manufacturers).

These include:

  • Damage assessment and condition analysis on site (where possible)
  • Visual examination of the bearings or bearing parts
  • Surface examinations
  • Hardness and crack inspections
  • Metallographic investigations
  • Analysis of the lubricants used

On completion of the investigations you will be given an informative report with recommendations for appropriate remedial measures.

Do you want to be able to improve your machine and roller bearing damage assessment or carry out preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns?

Your lubricant can give you all the information you want. Make things clear!

In collaboration with our lubricant partner, we can carry out suitable analyses on your lubricants at a very modern laboratory and issue informative reports.

Tailor-made solution

Is a standard product not adequate for your requirements?

Our services are also available to you in this situation and we can offer you a bearing specially designed for your needs or an existing product.

Ball and roller bearings with outer diameters between 600 and 1200 mm are a real asset.It makes sense to recondition such bearings when they got worn or damaged.

This means 100% new performance and cost reductions of up to 60% compared with new roller bearings. You benefit from considerably shorter delivery times (between 1 and 6 weeks only).

We offer reconditioning of bearings of all leading third manufacturers.

Cost benefit analysis - Reconditioning makes sense with:

  • Expensive roller bearings which are difficult to make
  • Roller bearings with short service life
  • Roller bearings which have been replaced so far during maintenance
  • Roller bearings with minor and medium damages

The reconditioning procedure

Inspection: Bearing inspection to locate visual damages and corrosion.
Determining what components (rolling elements, cage, rings) need replacement or reconditioning.
Furthermore, we provide recommendations on later use.

Components inspection: We use precision equipment to measure all components and look for
cracks and similar damage. (3D coordinates measuring bench, magnetic particle inspection)

Reconditioning/re-manufacturing: We rectify and finish reworkable components on precision machines. We manufacture missing components according to the tolerances and bearing gap requirements specified.

Inspection/assembly: All bearing components are carefully inspected according to the valid, certified quality assurance standards. Your reconditioned bearing is completed, rechecked again, and finally assembled for shipment.
We hand over the QA analysis protocols agreed.

Special offer

  • Reworking bearings according to other specifications
  • Hard turning and hard drilling of lubrication grooves and holes
  • Damage and cause analysis
  • Bearings history analysis and service life estimate
  • Minimum application risk in later use thanks to optimized operating conditions