our family-run company, Lutz Rogalla GmbH, has served as an established supplier to the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

We provide tailor-made solutions for the most diverse applications and requirements currently in use around the world. The following industries represent the core business for our product and application solutions:

Mechanical engineering industry

In modern mechanical engineering, where the plant and machinery is ever faster and more precise, the high precision and reliability of components is both a yardstick and a goal if the functionality, performance and safe and efficient operation of the plant and machinery are to be ensured.

Construction machinery industry

Whether the extraction or processing of raw materials, specialised civil engineering, road-building, earthworks or the production of construction materials, our products and solutions are used in a wide range of applications and environments.

Film and plastics industry

Optimally coordinated process solutions are essential right along the value added chain in the production of high-grade plastic products. In such complex production facilities, the individual components - from extrusion to handling - must meet the very highest standards.


The heat, enormous stresses and difficult ambient and load conditions that prevail in smelting and refining plants demand customised products. Optimised components prolong the usable life and cost effectiveness of plant and machinery subject to high stresses.

Renewable energies

Installations for the generation of energy from renewable energy sources are an investment in the future of our planet. The quality of component is of critical importance for an optimum energy yield.